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Juste Debout

Автор:  Алексей Шумский
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Juste Debout was initially held in 2002 in Paris, France, and has since then returned each year around February. The 2006 edition was the first to feature a number of linked events (so called pre-selections) in countries outside of France, with the finals being held in Paris. This allowed Juste Debout to reach a larger and more international audience.
Juste Debout 2007 was held on February 25 in Paris and featured international pre-selections starting as early as January in countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.[1] Jsmooth & Future from the dance crew MGF (Machine Gone Funk) in the USA won the Juste Debout Popping contest 2007. Manu & loïc from France won the Locking. Stéphanie & Dedson from Denmark and France won Hip-hop. Lastly, Hiro & Meech from Japan and France won the House dance contest.
Juste Debout 2009 was held on March 1st in the Bercy stadium in Paris. Kite & Fishboy(Former Action),won a close fought, all-Japanese final with last years winners Kei & Gucchon(Co-Thkoo). Dy & Steve won the Hip-hop against crowd's favourite Maika(10 y.o) & Kazane(12 y.o).
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